Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Itchy Insects with Worksheet Wednesday

A couple of my friends and I run a little home kindy. Our children rotate about our homes (no, they are not spinning around our kitchen - each week they visit the teacher for that week's home). We have planned our year around themes. Here are a few activities our kinder kiddies recently did during our Insect Study. 

Fun with Food:

Insect Hunt:

 Painting and Symmetry:

We also explored the wonderful world of books. Of course, we couldn't go past Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar! We read the book, watched the YouTube Clip of Eric reading the book and watched this animated version.  The children became very familiar with the story and loved retelling it with the sock puppets that they made.

Obviously we had to explore the letter i. We sang a little 'itchy insect' ditty and completed the following cut and paste letter i activity. You can grab it through google drive by clicking HERE, or the image below. Thanks to my beautiful sister-in-law of Kinka Art for the cute creepy crawly graphics!


Oh, and I just wanted to share with you this little tip. Even a small amount of kinders and scissors can create quite a paper pile (especially the spread out kind all over the floor)! One way to keep all those scraps together is to put a paper plate in the middle of the table and have the kiddies put their rubbish there. Once the activity is over, one helpful lovely can put it in the paper bin. Works great in the classroom too!

Linking up with The Teaching Tribune for their Worksheet Wednesday. Hop on over there to grab some more free worksheets!

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