Popping Math Facts

I found this very cute toaster recently (at Smiggle for any Aussie readers) and just had to have it! It was labeled as a notepad - pop the 'toast' and write on the piece that pops. Cute idea, but of course I immediately thought of the uses in the classroom: sight words that pop, popping math questions, exit tickets, review - you get the picture! Whatever I would use it for, I was certain it would be a success!

I ended up settling on math questions. During transition times, as my Kinders were coming to the carpet, I would get out 'Toaster Ted', select a volunteer and have them pop the toast. It was amazing how quickly and QUIETLY everyone came to the carpet in the hope they would be chosen to answer the question, and thus win the next turn at popping Ted!

I just love how approaching something from a different angle can disguise learning and create fun! I'd love to hear what tricks you use to shake learning up in your classroom! Comment below!