End of Year Fun and a Freebie!

The End of Year comes around so quickly! While there are a million things to finish during this time, it can also be such a fun time in the classroom! Disguising education in fun activities is part of the role of a teacher throughout the year, and particularly as it comes to an end!

Putting one 'treat' per day inside these cute envelopes is a great way to count down to the end. In my experience, some favorites include:
  • Sit next to a friend for the day
  • Create a page for our class year book
  • Conduct one lesson outside
  • Reflect on your goals achieved this year
  • Write a letter to a kindergarten student starting next year (if you have a kindergarten class)
  • Eat lunch in the classroom
  • Trace around your hand, write your name inside and collect positive affirmations/memories from your classmates about you and your school year
  • Use the fancy pens
  • Create a scavenger hunt of your favorite classroom games for a friend/s, and play the game at each stop
  • Make a photo collage of the year
Rolling out the red carpet and celebrating student success is another favorite event at the end of the year! I love recognizing the individual through Awards, Crowns and Letters specific to their individual achievements and progress!

I've just created these cute Superhero themed awards. You can type your students' names straight on these the awards, and if none of the 36 awards suit a particular student, you can type a new award title on the customizable award. It's SUPER easy, promise :) I've created a little clip if you want to see just how easy it is!

And here's an OUT OF THIS WORLD freebie award for getting to the end of the post! Click HERE!