Sight Word Interactive Notebooks - Part 2

I love using Interactive Notebooks for introducing and practicing individual sight words. I also love to use them for revising a whole bunch of words after they have been introduced and practiced. Today I'd love to show you how we do that.

We begin our revision with a simple cut and paste activity. Students read and color the high frequency words. They then cut and arrange the letters in order and glue to make the word under the flap.

Similarly, in the next activity students read the sight word and make it by stamping (a favorite!), rainbow writing, bingo marking or any other preferred method on the left. On the right, students trace the word on the top sheet and color the word under the flap.

In this colorful activity, students repeatedly write the words in the rainbow strips according to the colors on the rainbow review shape.

The Sight Words Sliders are a fun way to practice saying these 'tricky' words. Students move the strip up and down, saying the new word each time. They love to have races against themselves or others :)

The alphabet sort is not only great for sorting the sight words, but also great for any additional words we are learning in class. For this reason although not all letters have a sight word, the complete alphabet included is great!

The Words I Know/Words to Learn pockets are great for me as an at a glance progress report. The kiddies love moving their words from Words to Learn to Words I Know too! To use this activity, students simply cut the word strips, trace and place in the pocket where they belong. (Please excuse my old photo that has word instead of words. It has been fixed, but I haven't had the chance to photograph it yet! Where does the time go?)

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