St Paddy's Day Activities and a Freebie!

I am the daughter of one proud Irishman. My dad was a kind, generous, clever, witty (even though sometimes only to himself), sweet man, whom I adored! He was born and raised in Kilkenny. I have fond memories visiting Dad's hometown, listening to him retell stories from his childhood at each landmark. Many years later on a family holiday, I told those same stories to my own children as we walked Kilkenny's streets.

When St Patrick's Day rolls around, as well as talking to the class about the origins of the day, it's great to share personal experiences too. I have often had my own 'show and tell' in the classroom, sharing images like the one above that my hubby took of Kilkenny Castle. Having a life outside of school and sharing these anecdotes with our students, helps build relationship which underlies everything we do in the classroom.

St Paddy's Day lends itself to some lovely activities in the classroom. One of my favorite writing activities for this time of year is based around the idea of a Lucky Star. I encourage the students to use their imagination and dream big! 'If you could wish upon a star and make your dreams come true.....' But my absolute favorite writing activity encourages students to think about what they truly value. Using a planning sheet they draw or write things that make them feel lucky. They then write about it and create a cute pot of gold craftivity, perfect for the bulletin board.

While a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow would be lovely, I really do feel rich thanks to my family, friends, students I teach and creations I share. I'm so happy that you have stuck with me to the end of this post, so click on the image below for your treasure :) It's a few pages from my St Patrick's Day Kindergarten Math Print & Go Pack.


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